Monday, March 12, 2012

Armory Week!

It's Armory Week in New York!! It's an exciting 4 days of international art fairs revolving around the The Armory Show, one of the largest contemporary art fairs in the world. I went to the 2 major fairs, Armory and Volta, and additionally attended Odd Nerdrum's opening at Forum Gallery. I was extremely pleased to see several artists that I'm currently looking at, exhibiting at these fairs. Armory was more established galleries, wealthier buyers, and more well-known artists. Volta was younger, emerging artists. I was pleased to see a large amount of figurative work. (This is a positive note for me and my peers). I left overwhelmed with inspiration. Here are some highlights from my weekend.

Odd Nerdrum at Forum Gallery

Surprised when I found one of my favorite contemporary painters, Karim Hamid, at Volta.

Natalie Frank at Armory. 

Damien Hirst at Armory. 

Damien Hirst at Armory. 

I thought it was fitting that they marked the sold pieces with "spot" stickers. 

Finished the evening at Terra Blues to see Hazmat Modine! (The leader singer, Wade Schuman, is one of the full-time faculty members at the Academy)


  1. I love your blogging because I learn so much about the art world!

  2. good to see koons and hirst still rackin up those sales