Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back to school!

Photo from the free book giveaway at the Academy Library! 

After a much needed break, I'm back to the Academy for my second semester. I decided to sign up for 18 credits - which means I will have an additional 6 hour class each week. Last semester kicked my butt with only 15 credits, so I'm slightly concerned for my general well-being. I hear that it's totally possible and worth it in the long run, but that it's extremely difficult. I worked every hour of my free time on homework last semester and just barely got it all done. I'm going to have to become a hermit for the next 4 months. My classes are as follows:

In-direct Painting - a painting method practiced by the masters, a slow building process of layers of color

Figure Drawing II - an extension of figure drawing I, mostly longer poses with the model

History of Composition - a historical account of how paintings were composed, while self-direct and produce our own series of works

Color Theory - the colorwheel and how to use it

Painting from the Imagination - learning how to paint from memory

Anatomical Drawing - drawing of the skeleton and muscular systems, from books and from models

We've only been in class a little over a week. Stay tuned for updates on professors, and class assignments!

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