Saturday, December 31, 2011

Grunt work

I've had some requests to post about the specific class assignments given at the Academy. I've taken some shots of my resulted work, as well as some of my peers. I won't give too much away (otherwise, it won't be as much fun for incoming students next fall), but here are a few examples of the grunt work from Painting I.

In Jean-Pierre Roy's class, we had to complete a self-portrait every week and were sometimes given 2 weeks to complete it. Our final project was a 4.5 ft or larger interpretive self-portrait. We also had a very fun assignment to make a group of tiny paintings (about the size of credit cards), on any subject matter of our long as it was the same subject matter for each painting. Here are some selected samples.

Here's mine: Tiny Landscapes (with details)

Meg Franklin: Eraser Collection

Friederike Callenberg: Eyes, Jessica Augier: Self Portrait Series

Nicolas Sanchez: Brothers transforming into self portrait

Noelle Timmons: Friend's Portraits

My final self-portrait

Kristy Gordon's diptych

Nicolas Sanchez

Jessica Augier

Noelle Timmons

Meg Franklin's totem pole (in progress)

Christina Duarte's grandparents' portrait

Robert Fundis

Zach Brown


  1. I love seeing these art class projects.... some really great work.... makes me wish I was back in art school again! Thanks Amanda. Happy New Year!

  2. Amazing work! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm glad you both enjoyed! Happy new year!

  4. This is some phenomenal work. You are a lucky lady to be surrounded by all this crazy talent. The Robert Fundis is a painting. Hot damn!