Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lunchtime Lectures

The Academy holds "professional practices" lunchtime lectures every week for students. Attendance is optional, but these little helpers are so informative. The topics differ every week and complimentary pizza is served! Recently, there's been How to Photograph Your Artwork, Guide to Grant Writing, Social Media, Winsor & Newton Painting Demo and more.

This week's topic was Galleries. The guest speakers were Bill Carroll (former art dealer, consultant, Head of EFA studio program) and Dennis Christie (DCKT Gallery owner). Faculty member Sharon Lauden presented a series of questions and relevant issues for them to respond. They gave a lot of great advice for artists searching for gallery representation, do's and dont's when applying, and recommended a lot of great galleries in the area. They made an analogy that the relationship you have with a gallery is like marriage. The biggest things I walked away with were 1) Don't stalk galleries. You will seem creepy and possibly lose out on an opportunity. And 2) Do your homework. Research the gallery you are interested in before you approach them. 

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