Saturday, November 12, 2011

Figurative art all over Chelsea

Alex Kanevsky at J. Cacciola Gallery

There's been a lot of great figurative artists showing in Chelsea over these past few weeks. (This gives me hope that I am in the right discipline, in the right school, at the right time.) Below are a few that I've seen recently.

Neo Rauch at David Zwirner

The opening was packed! There are a lot of Neo worshippers, and it was difficult to find an open space to stand. The palette was the standard dark and deep, with a bright turquoise that was carried through in a few of the pieces. The narratives were the standard mysterious. There was one piece that stood out to me (not pictured) that had the composition divided into various smaller compositions... like a comic book. I enjoyed that. There was also a bronze sculpture in the mix, a first for the artist. 

Michael Borremans at David Zwirner

Since this was directly next door to Neo Rauch, it was of similar popularity, but a much more relaxed vibe. You could actually find a space in front of a painting to view it. I am a fan of Michael Borremans and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I was surprised at how thin the paint was on the surface. The palette was full of neutrals and warms, and the narratives were dark and simple. 

Lisa Yuskavage at David Zwirner

The controversial works of Lisa Yuskavage are made up of female figures with young faces and mature, exaggerated bodies. Some women call it porn. I always knew she was a big deal, but never really got into the work... until I saw it in person. The paint handling alone is attractive. Then there is the color. The saturated palette seems outrageous, but is ever so fitting. Her narratives seem to speak about Freud's theories on the Ego, Super Ego and Id. This show JUST closed on November 5. If she ever shows again, I'd recommend checking it out.

Alex Kanevsky at J. Cacciola

MY FAVORITE. I've been following Alex for a number of years now. He's such an inspiration. My friend Megan said it best, "There are shows that you see that make you want to paint. Then there are shows that make you want to quit making art because what you want to do has already been done, but waaaay better." 

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