Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First week of school!

From the Jenny Saville show, currently on at Gagosian Gallery on the Upper East Side.

It happened so fast... I think I blacked out.

The TALENT around these here parts is overwhelming. It's more fun to be a medium fish in a pool of way bigger fish. There's more room to grow.

When we weren't in any of our 6 hour classes, we were attending workshops, listening to the weekly visiting artist lecture by the brilliant Jerry Kearns, and going to art openings including that of JENNY SAVILLE and our very own 2011 fellowship artists' "the Future Perfect."

All my professors rock, so far.

My drawing instructor, Steven Assael, blew me away with his drawing demo. Seriously, look him up.

My painting instructor, Jean-Pierre Roy is not only extremely talented, but is so nerdy-art smart that I need an encyclopedia/dictionary to understand his "small talk."

Wade Schuman is awesome and I have a feeling I'm going to take away the most from his classes.

John Zinnser is crazy smart and has no idea how entertaining he actually is.

Randy McIver is a hilarious/adorable character, and I'm looking forward to taking more classes with him.

Here are some other photos from this past week:
My future anatomy lessons.
1st painting homework from class. We will be doing a self-portrait with restricted colors every week til the end of the semester. Black and white.
My favorite piece from the fellow's show. By John O'Reilly
By the lovely Steven Assael, completed as a demo in the class.

There was so much to do that unfortunately, I didn't get to attend all events. Mostly because I needed to sleep, shower, eat, and occasionally do some homework. Even though I missed the openings, I will be visiting the Vince Desiderio show at Marlborough as well as the "Self Portrait as Monster truck" show with a ton of our alumni work. And of course, the Paint Works show with the incredible New York Academy of Art alumna, Alyssa Monks. SO MUCH TO DO!

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  1. You are back in your element and seem to be thriving. I love you, but I miss you more. Hope all is well in your world.