Saturday, July 16, 2011

The big TV, the big move... and the big bookshelf.

How did we get our big (65 inch) television, queen size bed, & other personal items from Kansas to New York? We paid these guys to do it. U-Pack is similar to PODS, where they provide you with a large storage container and you fill it up. Then, they store it for you until you need it, and deliver to your new doorstep!

Although my heart lies in Brooklyn, it became very expensive in the 2 years I've been gone. So we crossed the border, into Queens. We looked at many apts, and finally decided on the neighborhood of Sunnyside. So far, so good. The rent is cheaper and the square footage is bigger. And, it's right off the 7 train.

Project 1: DIY Industrial bookshelf

I just told him what I wanted... and he built it!

The master plan:

the finished product!

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