Friday, December 18, 2009

the holidays

sorry i've been sucking lately. at blogging, that is. the holidays get me in a proscratinating, stay in and watch movies, eat lots of junk kind of phase. it shall pass, i assure you. lately we've been steadily following the dexter series. last night we saw the finale and HOLY _____. i've never been that surprised by a televsion show ever. it was excellent because it was exciting and unpredictable. (seriously, someone shouldve videotaped me watching the ending) but at the same time, YOU CAN'T DO THAT. it's too f-cked up. jerks.

i'm almost done with mxas gifts, hooray! shopping around these here parts is not fun. in fact, im sure its pretty close to what hell is like. traffic is insanity. people can't drive. there's no sense of urgency. it makes me want to hibernate.

as for santa, so far i've made an amazon wishlist. but here are some random items i've been loving on lately.

misma on etsy

bead in babe in etsy

in other news, i've quit the GAP. now that i'm full time at my day job, i'd like to have a life. it was fun while it lasted. but i can't be bothered with retail.

i have also cut back on blogging lately because i mostly feel like writing when i'm "traveling". and since this is becoming my "home" (temporary, but still) it feels like i'm sharing normal everyday life instead of stories of foriegnness. i'm not going to completely close the blog. but i will most likely be writing a lot less frequently than i'm used to.

i wish everyone a merry christmas and happy, safe and economically stimulated new year!


  1. wait, what full time job? and temporary? where are you moving next? inquiring minds want to KNOW!

  2. That necklace knocks my heels, stockings, and skirt off. Wow!

  3. and this is how your mother finds out these things.....

  4. I love the little cute.