Sunday, December 6, 2009

dolci & joes

sorry i havent posted in a while... you know how the holidays are. but this post is going to be more for the wichita locals then for my faraway friends.

i have complained before about the quality of food in this town. i just want something different. well, dolci & joe's just recently opened in my neighborhood. michael and i tried it for lunch and it was so good i had to go back. well, i was driving around looking for any open establishment on saturday night around 845 pm (yes, everything here closes at 8, its dispicable) and i saw the lights still on in dolci & joes. i walked in at about 5 til 9 and they were just about to close, but the owner let me order anyway. i got to talk him up a bit and he's not only super-nice, but also has originality in his menu. they make everything fresh, all the dressings and sauces are house made, including the ketchup. not only do they serve sweet potato fries, but you get the choice of having them sweet or salty. yum! they have old-fashioned hand mixed sodas. their portions are enormous AND it's totally affordable (all burgers and sandwiches are $6.99)

if you want a recommendation: sophia's sophisticated chicken sandwich and salty sweet potato fries.

if i had to choose a con, the only thing this place needs a little interior decorating help.

i also hear that starting next month, they will have a working drive thru and will be adding coffee to their menu.


  1. I went there on Friday night. Totally agree - food is delish, interior is a little... strange. But anyway, I just wanted to say we loved having you contribute to verb[ICT]! And you should totally read the [eat] section to find out about all the other great restaurants in Wichita. :)

  2. Hey, Amanda! Sorry you think Wichita has limited food options. I think there are tons of places to eat, but I didn't recently move here from Brooklyn like you have. I've blogged about what Wichita restaurants I want to try. You can find my list at

  3. I adore it that you are such a secret fat kid :o)

  4. Wow! I heard terrible things about that place. I think I trust you a bit more, though! Will check it out next payday.