Monday, December 21, 2009

allow me to clarify...

i've been getting shocked responses to my last post.

1 regarding me residing in wichita "temporarily."


2 a full time job??

let me explain.

yes, i quit the gap in order to work comfortably full time at an offset printing company downtown. i'm working in the art dept in graphic design/prepress production. i basically re-organize messy documents and make the files acceptable to fit our printing process standards. and sometimes i get to design stuff from scratch. and my bosses and co-workers are the sweetest people.

about re-location: there aren't any plans yet, so don't get your panties in a bunch. but i originally moved here with the intention of only staying a year or so. i adapt well to anywhere, but this place is not forever for me. the sole purpose of coming here was not to settle down. it was to A. follow my heart, to michael B. live in a cheaper place C. it's risky, it's funny, and why the hell not. it's kansas! so there are a few potential cities on the list for the future, but my next move will most likely be for grad school. (there have been hypothetical conversations about chicago) at least thats the plan for now. again, this is coming from a girl who said she'd never leave new york. so who knows where the wind will blow me next. but rest assure, it won't be until after our lease is up in august.


  1. hmmm....can we presume any move will be with Michael?

  2. Chicago rocks! I LOVE Chicago, and I typically do not do well/like cities. Maybe it is the fresh breeze off the Great Lakes, or the elevated rail system (I do not like feeling trapped.) They even put a whole pickle in their hot dogs!