Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a voodoo halloween

i told michael when we first met that i had never been to new orleans but i had always wanted to visit. when he found out that one of my favorite bands, the black keys, would be playing the in the voodoo music festival at new orleans for halloween... he bought us tickets for my birthday! once we moved to wichita, we made friends with a couple (the homeowners of the article from previous post) who spent their honeymoon in new orleans during the voodoo music festival a few years back. they said it was a blast and decided to go again and join us on our vacation!

we arrived on that thursday evening, and the weather was warm! booked a hotel right on bourbon street. our first night there, michael made us all try raw oysters. i thought i would hate it, but they were tasty! we sampled some bars, heard some blues, and after a sufficient amount of drinks we headed home to rest up for our big weekend.

friday started the music festival. it was so warm outside we had to go shopping to buy skirts and lesser forms of clothing. we changed and headed out to see the black keys, my main attraction. about 30 seconds before they hit the stage, it started POURING RAIN! not to worry, we packed ponchos. and they put on the most kick ass set anyway! i sooooo love them! once we were soaked and then freezing cold, we watched some more bands while waiting for the headliner of the evening, eminem. the people in this crowd did not obtain proper concert etiquette. there was a lot of pushing, trying to cut ahead, and sitting on the shoulders of your friends so NOBODY CAN SEE BEHIND YOU. that was my limit. i pulled a little amanda-tude and shortly thereafter, things were settled. eminem, was, not the greatest live performer. his songs are good, so it can confuse the average concert goer. i caught him LIP-SYNCHING. bastard. it was still mildly entertaining. afterwards we met up with one of michael's friends who's living there and headed out for drinks. after the long day of standing, walking in mud, jumping around at a concert, getting rained on, it can be tiresome. but i wasn't about to be the party-pooper. our friends couldnt even last past 1 am. because we were accompanied by a local, we got to see some off the path bars. we stumbled upon the oldest standing bar in america. there was an elderly pianist hippy-lady taking requests from the 60-70s eras. we at around her and sang along. awesome. we sampled some other bars and ended up finally going home at the close of business. 530 am. yeah.

next day: halloween! our friends went as billy ray and miley cyrus. creepy, yet hilarious. michael and i went as the swine flu. and i have to admit, we were definitely a crowd favorite!

we partied our butts off at the concert all day and got to see KISS! then we went back to bourbon street. it was packed. i don't think i've ever seen so many people in one place before. halloween is the second highest grossing day for the city of new orleans. luckily, we knew where to go to avoid the tourists. we had a keg-out-of-van party on frenchman street. make that 3 kegs-out-of-a-van. there was dancing in the streets.. and even a taco truck! superfun. superdrunk.

the next day was dedicated to recovery. a nice walk through the french quarter (i am in love with the little patios and gardens and the buildings and the windows and the doorways...). then a nap before our final concert day. then we saw the last headliner, the flaming lips. i have to say they gave the most visually appealing show i've ever seen. kiss had pyrotechnics. but flaming lips had human sized balloons. and lots of pretty colors. apparently they recruited audience members to go on stage dressed in bunny suits. one fanatic lady got so excited she undressed completely and ran around stage nude and even humped the lead singer during his performance! we ended our evening with a perfect dinner at a quaint restaurant.

i heart new orleans.


  1. I wish I had been there to see all this!! I laughed out loud when you talked about the Amanda-tude... When I saw Flaming Lips at the SARS festival, I was so moved I cried...

  2. I cried at Flaming Lips too... we're both tools. lol

  3. I liked alot of your pictures that you took and just the way they look made them amazing and interesting. I dont think id ever be able to talk pictures like that even if i tried

  4. This blog was very interesting. I think I need to travel after I graduate. It seems fun. Iloved the art pics and the two pics of the Paintings of the two guys, they looked very accurate. Thanks for blogging you adventures!