Wednesday, November 4, 2009

blog love

photo found on dudecraft

the blogger of "two is a pair" recently received a well deserved blog award. in order to accept it, she must pass the award onto 15 of her newly founded blogs, where she so kindly included mine! (thank you so much!) so in order to keep it going, im going to list my most visited blogs. i award:

adventures in wheelville - this little spitfire was my old roomie in brooklyn. she went to slovenia, fell in love, and then picked up and moved there!

the pioneer woman cooks - gotta love these tasty recipes! i just made her pumpkin cookies last night!

women painting women - paintings of women, by women. maybe someday one of my pieces will make the list.

the anchor and the bird - one of my besties from back home in ny. this lovely lady is so complex, she needs 2 identities.

this is that - this is my daily dose of creative imagery. new, weird, neat, stuff.

travel. experience. live. -this is written by the man i crossed states for. somewhat inspired by my spain blog "please don't tell my landlord", he began documenting his numerous travels while residing in france. even though he's home now and hasn't written in months, his stories are worth the visit. and his videos are more than entertaining, including footage from running with the bulls, a hang-gliding adventure in switzerland, and our romance in toulouse (equipped with a bee attack!).

the aesthetist - a copywriter who keeps a pretty blog of pictures only.

douglas and main - named after a central intersection in wichita, kansas, this blog is a promotional avenue for other wichita related blogs. and "clicking heels" made the list!!

i heart photograph - interesting imagery

ace to ace - another blog from my fabulous old roomie. shared with her brother, she updates from slovenia, and he writes from hong kong. if you want to hear underground funk/soul/hip-hop or want to find out about a musician waaaay before they make it big, check here.

new art - where i get my daily art fix.

aesthetic outburst - i like her little finds.

le love - ALL THINGS LOVE.

greenpointers - this is how i keep up to date with what's going on in my old 'hood.

one d at a time - tracie egan is my favorite online personality. my second favorite is her partner in crime, rich. together they make up the genius that is pot psychology. and her personal blog can get very,... well... personal.

---hope you enjoy!!---


  1. actually he is now blogging from hong kong. we acey kids sure have itchy feet!

  2. thanks for the honor! will have to check out these others!

  3. nice! what's he doing there??? ok, i made the change, hong kong it is.

  4. pot psychology is hillarious. Thanks to one Mr. JohnMitchell for introducing me to it, I spent a full afternoon peeing my pants... not literally. lol