Friday, October 2, 2009

unemployed adventures

while im waiting on my boyfriend to upload photos from his camera from our bbq in hamilton, kansas... i will tell you about other recent events, like the walnut valley (bluegrass) music festival. held in winfield, kansas it attracts hippies and groupies worldwide. i hear the die-harders start camping a week ahead of time to get a good spot. national and international contests are held including flat picking, banjo, mandolin... and, the hammer dulcimer. for those that aren't in the know, let me enlighten you. a stringed instrument that is operated by delicate "hammering", the sound is heavenly and was a precursor to the piano. often in the night on a dirt road near the campsites, you can find random hammer dulcimer-ists freestyling with random musicians and being surrounded by a small audience. listen: video
other coolness includes the awesome food. biscuits and gravy, funnel cakes, turkey legs, roasted corn, the biggest baked potatoes i've ever seen. though you have to be careful, sometime they rip you off and give you a sprite with grenadine instead of fresh cherry limeade (i had a mini-tantrum). and we fit right in with the hippies with michael wearing my old mariah carey tee shirt. see that? that's our holiday inn size tent. equipped with a built in, remote controlled light and an air mattress.

we also had the privilege of visiting the kansas state fair, held out in the middle of nowhere. the petting zoo was fun. the food was great (deep fried oreos and dippin dots). the market was filled with yummy local jam, honey and salsa vendors. but i had the unfortunate and accidental experience of watching a cow get inseminated. it almost made me cry. it was basically held down in a steel cage and fisted. another first for me was getting to see an auction. it was a contest and it just so happens michael knew one of the contestants. she was the only girl and ended up placing second! here's a sample of what was going on:

PS: sorry it's been so long since i've written, but the persistent requests really are encouraging. so thanks!


  1. Yeah for biscuits and gravy, state fairs and boyfriends who wear Mariah Carey t-shirts in public... in the mid-west!

  2. A family that went to the camp I worked at all played that hammer thing. They'd practice all week & play the talent show every year.