Thursday, October 22, 2009

shout out

i started my job at the GAP this week, hooray! just tonight i met a co-worker and was telling her my story. when i said i was from new york, her ears perked. not in the usual, glamor-curious way, like when i told my employer and he said "so did you live in a skyscraper like seinfeld?" it was more like a familiarity response. her face lit up and she squealed, "WHAT PART?"... i didn't even finish saying "brookl..." before she blurted "i'm from queens!" and with the sweetest demeanor and friendliest of smiles she continued "...and i hate brooklyn." at which point i replied "ha, i hate queens." we went on to share life stories and she helped me pick out a pair of jeans after work. nice girl.

i'm slowly gathering a list of things i miss most about brooklyn. i'm adapting here just fine, but some things just can't be substituted:

-bagels. fresh, from the corner, new york bagels. europe could also take a lesson.

-bodegas. god bless the "god bless" deli on manhattan ave. for staying open 24 hours and having cheese fries.

- creme fraiche. ok, i know it's french, however, it was always conveniently located across the street from my apt back home, and i CANNOT find it ANYWHERE in wichita. not dillon's grocer, not target, not walmart, not anywhere.

-people watching. i mean, you could do that anywhere but it's most fun in mccarren park.

this is, in no way, me complaining about my surroundings. just noting differences. except for the bagels. they do suck.


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