Tuesday, October 27, 2009

catching up: part 2

the midwest beerfest

this is an activity which M signed us both up for. not to attend the event, but to volunteer for it. he told me of fun times past and got me excited to join him this year. that was about a week before he got called into south africa for work. me, not knowing anyone that would be there, or what would be going on, decided to go on and do it alone anyway. i was set up with m's co-worker and we went to it. it was held in an arena where beer companies set up booths and give away tastings of beer. you pay $25 to get in (free for volunteers) and it's all you can drink. all we did we pour beers for the public, while taking a few back ourselves. people line up at the doors hours before they open. i saw homemade pretzel necklaces, and blow up dolphins. the booth i happened to be helping had a cardboard cut-out of a promotional model. a large number of drunks were making bets on whether i was actually the model on the ad. i'm pretty sure she was mexican, but that didn't stop me from embellishing. i even took pictures with these people and the cut-out model, which i told them was me.

focus group: wichita

through a random string of people (mostly associated with ROK ICT, a site about and promoting the culture in wichita), i was connected to someone who invited me to participate in a focus group about the city of wichita. i attended, not expecting much. it ended up being rather interesting, comparing a midwest city like wichita to the bigger, coastal ones. i gladly gave my opinions on what would make this city better... and there seemed to be two big topics that everyone agreed on: better public transportation and late night food joints. in this 2 hour long discussion, i happened to connect with a few of the other voices in the group. 1 girl found out i was keeping this documentary-style blog and was kind enough to introduce me to other awesome blogs including "a california girl in kansas".. a story of a girl who moved here from cali for her boyfriend (sound familiar?) another girl from the group even created an entire list of must-tries in wichita for me. it consisted of bars, restaurants, shopping, etc. can't wait to try them out and rate accordingly.


  1. Thanks for the blog love, Amanda! :)

  2. if ever in wichita i guess i'll know who to hit up!

    i like your documentary blog! lovely!