Thursday, October 22, 2009

catching up: part 1

there have been a few events where i delayed blogging due to technological difficulties or just plain procrastination. i happy to announce that i'm back on track.

hamilton, kansas BBQ extravaganza
a while back, michael's family threw a big bbq in celebration of his dad's birthday/michael's return home from a year abroad. if you remember, this place was where michael grew up, a town of 300. not sure if i ever mentioned, but his high school graduating class had 4 students. 4! he and 3 others. this place consists of grass, dirt road, and farm animals. in other words, i was out of my element. but hey, i can mingle with the locals.

we played games from our childhood,... like flip cup.

and ate lots of good, home cooked, country food

and michael entertained family and guests with stories from europe.

road trip/concert: tulsa
michael and i took a road trip to tulsa, oklahoma to see the decemberists in concert. they've added a few new females to the show, which was GENIUS. (especially that of becky stark). the concert was a fantastical performance of their latest album, from start to finish. following a short break, they then continued with their older hit songs. and the finale was a cover of heart's "crazy on you." AWESOME. video

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