Wednesday, October 14, 2009

alll byyy myyy sellllf

michael took a business trip to south africa for 11 days. so im left here. with the cat. and continuing the job search. i DID pick up a very part time job at the GAP doing brand/visual merchandising (translation: windows and mannequins). i get to work with my new girlfriend,...amanda! there are 4 of us amandas there. i just can't get away from them. :)

other than that, i've been dealing with the woes of the newly rented house. you see, no one has occupied this house for about 4 years. everything is new.. carpet, walls, kitchen, garage door, etc. however, we did not anticipate other glitches such as a gas leak or until recently-a sewage back-up. that's right. i had poop in my basement. poopy water to be exact. and the smell carries. we had a plumber work on it for about 4.5 hours before he could clear it. he said tree roots were the cause of the blockage... a common problem in residencies with long periods of vacancy.

so far, this week has been pretty shitty. pun intended. but that's until i found ....SAM'S CLUB. my mom got me on her membership and now i have 38 rolls of toilet paper in my bathroom closet. and a 3 gallon jug of OJ in my fridge. i thought walmart was the extent of sam walton's genius. apparently i've been living under a rock. or in a big city.


  1. gufaw! what are you country doin' that requires 38 rolls of toilet paper? wait, nevermind, i don't want to know.

  2. hahaha it's just like Scranton... Amandas are everywhere... and wannabes.
    I can't believe you never knew of Sam's! I prefer Costco cause Walmart is scary.