Friday, September 11, 2009

nesting. and painting.

we've been doing nothing but trying to get our house in order. and after a few low blows... its finally starting to come around. i found out there hadn't been residents living in this place for about 4 years. which explained why the shower didnt work at first. and why there are probably 400 spider nests in the basement. remember arachnophobia? thats my reality. and the crickets.... they sing all the damn time. especially when they mate. if i dont find a job soon, i might have to call discovery channel and see if they'd be interested in cricket porn. until then, i'll be decorating.

well, michael and i have slightly different tastes when it comes to home decor. he prefers brand new furniture and very dark (if not black) wood. i prefer worn in and natural looking wood. i don't mind new. but i do like the chase of finding a unique gem and saving a buck at the same time. i'm currently trying to marry our preferences into a modern mix n match type deal. i will admit it's been a challenge trying to get my bohemian color palette to go with michael's 56" television and complete surround sound system. i;ve been trying to teach him the art of budget shopping after we spent a ridiculous amount of money on a brand new bed, tv stand and dining table with chairs. i usually do flea markets... but they seem to be lacking around these parts. HOWEVER. they have something way cooler: estate sales. this is news to me. its where the home owner dies (usually of old age) and they need to have their home and all items inside sold. you're basically going shopping out of a dead person's home... and the stuff is right where they left it. (me and my morbid fascination were so giddy to find this out).. so if you want dishes.. go look in the kitchen. if you want tools, go in the basement. old people have the coolest stuff. this is how i found my lovely mid century modern chartreuse sofa sleeper couch. go ahead, oogle over it. oh, AND it only cost me $55. see the cute coffee table from the same era? 10 bucks at a garage sale. mm hmm.

we are slowly making this house a home, and when we get to a good place i will post more pics. for now, i must keep job searching and stalking ebay. this weekend michael's parents are throwing a huge pig feast bbq party in hamilton, kansas. remember.... me shooting the gun?... that's the REAL kansas. the one in the middle of nowhere. it should be fun, check soon for updates.

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  1. You go girl! Love the paint job...I'm going to have Brian help me paint some bold colors when Pat leaves for CA. Can't wait to see you and Michael!