Tuesday, September 1, 2009

getting acquainted

in between moving from a 3rd story loft (stairs only), to buying furniture, to trying to get the new place in order... michael initiated me into the midwest and took me to "Rodeo Bar," a huge country club... and i don't mean golf.

i don't think i've ever seen so many pickup trucks and cowboy hats. it was fun line dancing, two-stepping, and people watching. however, i wasn't so amused by the animal torture they call bull riding. this is where they hold a bull in captivity and right before they release him, a knot will be tied with rope around his testicles and yanked, causing him to "buck." not cool. video

i'm starting to note differences in this city, the culture, etc.

-i've already previously stated, but will repeat, the portions are doubled. not only that, but they also have meal deals like $3.79 all you can taco mondays.

- everyone says "hi".... EVERYONE. i pumped gas at 730am today.... the guy at the next pump jumped between the pillars to say 'good morning!"... i was grocery shopping yesterday,.. every employee i saw greeted me. cashiers even talk to you.

- air conditioning is way too cold. and even on cooler days, they have it blasting!

-everything is this city is a 12 minute drive.

hopefully soon i can post some pics of the new (rented, not purchased) house... i want to get settled and decorate first. we get our furniture this week. stay tuned.


  1. your mom and dad lived in Texas once. Lots of truck and cowboys there.

  2. all you can eat taco mondays for $3.79 - nice.
    yanking bull balls for pleasure- not nice.

    miss you girl. i need new cowboy boots.