Friday, August 21, 2009

i (will always) <3 new york

leaving new york is something i could never have envisioned for myself. it wasn't an easy decision. i had a bittersweet departure. i wasn't finished with it yet. but i don't think anyone can ever be "through with it." unless your bank account tells you different.

I got a lot of flak for choosing such an extreme change. some of it lighthearted, some of it not. and i enjoy a healthy dose of criticism.

"Dorothy, where's Toto?"

"Kansas!?,.. what are you gonna do there? Milk cows?"

i do realize i'm taking a big chance here. especially on paper - no job lined up. only spent 18 days with this guy. total culture change. away from everything i know. - but the risk only adds to the fun. i generally like to avoid comfort zones. and this might be my biggest challenge yet. i'm excited to be out of my element and experience something new. i loved my life as it was. but i think it's important to be open for change. and have the ability to adapt.

tomorrow michael and i will drive 17 hours straight to wichita.


  1. im addicted to change. it makes you feel alive, and you wont always wonder: what if?!....

  2. I think you're making a very brave & correct decision! What if's are the devil.
    The first thing I think of when you say kansas is John Cusack in Ice Harvest.... I'm a dork.
    As falls Wichita , so falls Wichita Falls...

    Plus, you will now be closer to me! (under 8 hrs to be exact!) :-)

  3. love that brooklyn sign - ain't that the truth!