Wednesday, August 26, 2009


we stuffed a dodge journey full with my things and we drove for what seemed like forever. we took turns sleeping and driving since we didnt plan to stop overnight. we left at 930am and arrived at 2am.

since then i've been searching for jobs like i'm right out of college again. that's why i haven't written much. plus, i can't post pics until my computer is up and running. that won't be for a few more days. until then, i'll continue doing nothing except applying for jobs and sampling the kansas fare.

first notable difference so far: the food portions are doubled in size. even the hot dogs are twice the girth. we went to a cafe and order the "half sandwich and bowl of soup" deal....and i got 2 large halves. ? we couldve shared and still had leftovers. THEN he took me to the movies. we were escorted onto the balcony where we found plush loveseats and individual tables with full menus for bar and restaurant. a red curtain drooped over the screening area. there was even a mini flashlight to read in the dark, a button to call the waiter, and seat warmers! no wonder the tickets were $18 each.

we also found a house. :) we sign today. updates to come.

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  1. you just used the words "house" and "sign" in the same sentence. Don't tell me you're purchasing property.