Wednesday, June 24, 2009

toulouse myself in wichita

Before my temporary move to Spain in January, I had an evening out with the fam to say bye. My brother feared that I would not ever come back from Europe, and he was not inaccurate in those worries. So, he gave me a gift to depart with: a picture of the two of us in a frame that was inscribed with "There's no place like home." Sweet, right? Little did he know what kind of foreshadowing had taken place.


Here is a description of the relationship between non-sense and enlightened intuition from Borges’s lecture on Buddhism:

We always think in terms of subject-object, cause-effect, logic-illogic, a thing and its opposite. We must go beyond these categories. According to the Zen masters, to reach truth through sudden intuition requires an illogical answer. The neophyte asks the teacher, “What is the Buddha?” The teacher answers: “The cypress is the orchard.” An answer which is completely illogical but which may awaken the truth. The neophyte asks why Bodhidharma [the monk] came from the West. The teacher replies: “Three pounds of linen.”


I'll spare you the gushy details. The short story goes something like this:

I was living in Madrid, Spain. While on vacation in Lisbon, Portugal, I met a boy in a tram. He's from Kansas, but was living in Toulouse, France at the time. We kept in touch. Silly things happened. I'm moving to Kansas.

I think it should also be said- to this day, we've only seen each other 6 days in person. Thank God for webcam.

I never thought I'd leave New York. This is the story of a big city girl gone midwest.


  1. Is this like Sex and the City in reverse?

  2. youre from Pennsylvania, you went to school in Edinboro, and then you moved to New York. There is definately a lil hick in all PA kids. I am proud of you for taking a chance on love, and I love you :o)

  3. As your mother, I worried about you in NYC by yourself. It's only natural. But now, to pick up and try another new adventure is just... well.... YOU. You will never have to say "What if". You're doing it the right way in my eyes. Try it..see if you like it..Home will always be home. You will always be welcome home, anytime!
    I love you my sweet nomad!

  4. Oh my, somehow through someway I found your blog. I think I saw your beautiful art somewhere. Anyway, I love it, please keep it up! I lived in NYC for 5 years, moved to Oklahoma City because 'why the hell not?' and then came screaming back a year later to NYC where I've been for 11 months. Reading this reminded me of why I left, the perfect recipe: Guy + Adventure = midwest and it makes me feel proud of myself for trying something new, even if for me it didn't work out. Anyway, I admire your adventurousness and I enjoy your funny writing and I look forward to you sharing more experiences!

    From Me To You,